I have noticed something. It's pervasive.

A conservative President is called a hypocrite because he praises firemen and police while at the same time wishing to reduce the size of the federal government and the power of the unions.

Glenn Beck (conservative) was criticized by Rachel Maddow (liberal) for decrying federal programs (eg healthcare as a socialized service) while at the same time adulating his local public library (a social service). Oooh, how can he do that?

Michael Moore did the same thing in one of his books (can't recall the name at the time), arguing "Well, you have the fire department which is a socialized system, then why don't you want socialized healthcare?" It's because the former is done at the city level and the latter at the federal level. One is easily managed and tailored to the needs of the populace, and the other is a distant power that cannot manage local peculiarities.

When you hear these types of things, please bear in mind where a service is funded. Does it come from:


taxes? Usually, the more useful services, that are of most benefit, come from the more local regions (eg schools, police, firemen). The city fills the pot-holes. The county keeps a jail and a court-house.

I love local government. They require the least and give the most. It is also easier to overthrow a local corruption than a distant and centralized one. The same power that acts benevolently can quickly be turned into a War Machine.

De-centralization is good. It puts the power closer to the people. Even a State government can be purged if it grows too onerous.

I suggest to you kindly reader, that you think carefully on where public services come from and how they are funded.

As far as I can tell it goes something like this.

The city wants a quarter.
The state wants two dollars.
The feds want ten dollars.

Why do they need so much? It should be the other way around, and about half that amount.

A Congressman that tries to get money back from the Federal Government for his district AND who speaks out against wasteful "pork barrel" spending is acting without hypocrisy. He wishes the money did not get sent to Washington to begin with. But while it is, he will try and get back as much as possible.

We send a pie, which is pecked over by the vultures, then get back a single slice with bird tracks all over it. It has to end.

Then again, I am biased because I live in a voluntaristic society of do-it-yourselfers (Mormons) who have a whole society running smoothly with just 600 people involved (a Ward-- you can be in one too!). Most problems can be solved at that level.



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