Lizardmen of the Sacred Crystal SOLD!

Here's what's in the studio Lizardmen army. This army easily clears 3000 pts, more like 3200. It is a vicious cold-blooded killer, a solid list that can take on any foe. It's on the block for the time being for $1900. If you pick it up by tomorrow it's $1800.

1x Slann Mage Priest
1x Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur
50x Saurus Warriors with hand weapon/shield
20x Temple Guard
1x Skink Priest on Ancient Stegadon
1x Stegadon
20x Skinks with blowpipes
3x Razordons (with four handlers each, the maximum size)
4x Terradons (including one Tiq'taq'to who can be run as a champion)
1x Direct Order Battle Standard Bearer
1x Saurus Scar Vet (made from temple guard plastics)

I can add other models at an additional cost. The only thing I would add? A Chakax to run as a hero. Otherwise this army is solid.

See pics

I can attest that this is a great build for Lizardmen. If you buy this army, on request, I will make a short but concise video tactica for it.

A couple of reviews:

Here are some vids either of this army specifically or a similar (but different) army in action!



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