Keeper of the Zoo

First off, we are working on some new templates for Tyranids. First is the Mesa Nids, and another one is just done called tentatively Shroom Nids.

I am voraciously reading a new book on Economics called The Shock Doctrine. I'm about half-done. I read the last quarter first then from the beginning. More on this later. Suffice it to say I think it may be THE best book I've read so far, possibly a close second to Ron Paul's The Revolution. I highly recommend. I got a second-hand hardback for $13 on Amazon. Hardback is the only way to fly.

Back to Nids. There is another type planned: Tentatively Toxic Nids. Pale green skin and purple carapace. And a fourth: Rust Nids. Khaki skin (like the Mesa Nids) and Rust-colored carapaces. Maybe some additional effects. These are coming.

I'm still running the Hive Mind deal. Not too late.

I still got those three armies on the block, too. Lizardmen, Dark Elves, and Oceanic Eldar.

Intellectual exercise for the day. What does this interview with Naomi Klein have in common with Ron Paul's "message"? Naomi is nummy. She can talk economics to me any day!



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