Doling Out the Charm

Tonight, while gathered as a family just before bedtime, my four-year-old son G. swallowed a penny. He was quite distraught and there were some pretty frenetic antics as we tried to extricate it. He was not choking on it fortunately but it was "penny going down rough". I rushed him to the local Urgent Care where I paid a reasonable amount in cash for services with no waiting and no appointment.

They took an X-Ray of his torso to be sure the penny had not lodged in his esophagus. He was so brave on that cold table in the dark. He turned his angelic little face to me and said "I love you Daddy" and softly clutched my hand.

He got a balloon and a little toy.

The penny had moved to his stomach. We just have to monitor for anything unusual but it should pass in his stool. G. turned to me quizzically on this point. Pass in my what? They mean your poop dear. Oh.

I'm making plans for a quite different type of Beastmen army.
1x Gorthor on Razorgor chariot
2x Heroes on Razorgor chariots
(see where this is going yet?)
40x Ungor Raiders
20x Chaos Hounds
4x Razorgor Chariots (these are going to be huge creatures with howdahs-- great modelling possibilities here)
2x Jabberslythes

This easily clears the 2000 point mark and I think makes goodly headway to 2500 pts. This is already in process. I have all the materials needed except the Razorgors themselves (for which I will probably us an alternate model).

I have made good progress on The Shock Doctrine. It's a hard read but also a real page-turner. Not just a hard read because of the dense text but also because of subject matter. There's a lot on the history of torture and other forms of "shock". It's got a happy ending, though, since I read the end first! It's not conspiracy theory. It's well-documented with a mammoth fifty pages of solid citations. I don't think it's some kind of bible, it simply illuminates from a unique direction.

I'm quickly becoming a fan of Naomi Klein. So poised and well-versed! Num-tastic. She actually has some things in common with Ron Paul, oddly, eg., Corporatism = bad.

People don't want to be meddled with. They should be free to live their lives without interference and without being robbed; without being forced by someone else.

I don't want anyone to have the One Ring. I want to cast it into the pit of Mount Doom. Saruman thinks he's going to use it for good. But it's Galadriel who had it right: no one can be trusted with it, even with the most angelic of intentions. "I have passed the test. I will diminish, and go into the West, and remain Galadriel."

Does she say that in the books?

Also, another type of Tervigon came out of the assembly room today. I plan on making a vid of that. It's a tie for best one I've seen (the other being the type I have in my mesa nids army).

Also, I'm now booking projects for March.



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