Ultimate Incarnation

I've been thinking a lot about the Mesa Nids and the destiny of the army. The Tyranid list is so versatile and has a number of good builds, or at least builds I'd like to try (ie what about thirty Tyranid Warriors?). So, I've got it in my mind to let this army really get out of control. Here's what I think it will look like at the end.

Oh, but first, did you know that models that are type "Beasts" are also Fleet automatically? Beasts get a 12" charge. So Raveners get Fleet, too. That's fast.

1x Hive Tyrant
1x Swarmlord (with magnetization to be a Hive Tyrant as well)
2x Tervigon
2x Tyranid Prime
1x Parasite of Mortrex
6x Hive Guard
3x Lictors
1x Deathleaper
3x Venomthrope
3x Zoanthrope
1x Doom of Malan'Tai
27x Tyranid Warriors
50x Genestealers (with attendant Broodlords)
4x Drop Spores
60x Termagants
60x Hormagaunts
6x Tyranid Shrikes
6x Raveners
60x Gargoyles
2x Harpies
2x Carnifexes (0ne with One Eye alternate parts)
2x Trygons
1x Mawloc
2x Tyrannofexes

What is that? Like 6000 pts?



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