Mesa Nids in the City

Got to play a game today, 1000 pts vs Joseph's Space Marines. A very short Notrep is going up for that.

As usual I hosed myself down from the get-go, deploying a Tervigon and two units of Hormagaunts both on opposite sides of the board. Joseph seized the initiative and hosed down one unit making it flee. Why did I not keep in synapse range?

I spawned seven Termagants on turn 01 with a roll of 3+2+2 so that was pathetic. The Trygon Prime popped up and got shot down in one turn, so he did nothing. Nine snipers hit eight times and did four rends. I am surprised so far at how easily T6 W6 creatures just bite the dust. They get vaporized.

It can't be the codex. Tyranids are more awesome than ever. I'm just not orchestrating this incredibly complex army properly.

I ran two swarms each of twenty Hormagaunts. I am really liking them. They are savage little insects and a huge unit can really take a beating. They can also make it across the board quite handily. They have Move Through Cover (3d6 for difficult terrain) and Bounding Leap (best of 3d6 for Fleet) which give them a 10-11" move even through cover. It's quite astounding.

I think the strength of the list lay with masses of gribblies combined with the medium-sized creatures. Venomthropes I think are the way to go. I haven't tried Tyranid Warriors or Shrikes.



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