Tyranid Update

Here's a color scheme that works. Black and charcoal for the carapace and red for the skin. It gives them quite a hellish appearance.

After playing four games (yeah, I know a lot), my impression of the Tyranid book is that it depends on synergy. The units are interdependent and must be used as such to have their greatest effect. In other words, to survive. Imperial Guard firepower is nothing to cough at. As I found out in my game against R&C, even lowly guardsmen, if they are in cover, are really hard to uproot, and if you're caught with a Vendetta (heaven forbid two) at long range picking away at the large creatures, it's going to be a turkey shoot.

But the Hive Mind learned something from that. Cover is good.

Scores of Hormagaunts, swarming across the field is a pressing threat. They can take down all but die hard elites. But their real service is bullet eaters. But how to keep them alive? That's where the Venomthropes come in. Tervigons can give Catalyst. Unfortunately, there's nothing to keep her alive.

So, I'm looking at mid-sized creatures because they can claim cover saves from the smaller gribblies. And it's got to be fast. It's got to be a second-turn charge.

I'm looking at good ole Tyranid Warriors and Tyranid Primes. Will that do it? Or Raveners for shock troops. That's a second turn charge as well.

I am really like Mycetic Spores. They are monstrous creatures so they block line of sight, a meat shield for the advancing other creatures. And most things in the list can have them. What happens when the whole army shows up on Turn 03? As I have it, Tyranid Primes can ride with their crew in one. Is that right?

It also occurred to me that as more of them show up in the same area, their chance of scattering is reduced as they crowd a particular section, creating a wall of spore pod meat. A Deathleaper helps here.

So, the list I'm thinking of looks like this:

1x Deathleaper
2x Prime with Warriors in Pods (these can be nasty-- up to nine Warriors)
10x Ymgarls
1x Something else Elite and Nasty in Pod
3x twenty strong Hormagaunts in Pods (this is a double layer of defense for the warriors)
And various trouble-shooters: Harpies, Tyrannofexes about 700 pts worth.

The trouble here is that whatever starts on the board will be subject to attention while the rest shows up. I'm liking Tyrannofexes because they can take a beating against long-range stuff (and maybe not even that if placed correctly) and still nail the big guys with 48" range Assault Rupture cannons at S10. Not sure I like that many points in one sink since the theme here is a disruptive force where nothing is on the board until it starts raining crap from the sky.

What about Trygon Prime? That fits. No need to hang out for turn 1 and/or 2. But the Trygon in my last games has just got blown up every time. But then again the board will be dotted with mycetic pods. How many? Oh, just five.

Tyrannofex. Kills Valks Dead.

I've got a pile of Hormagaunts staring me down this weekend...



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