Coming out of Retirement

Hi Shawn,

This is Emma's dad Jamie, AKA the cameraman. I think Emma will get a great kick out of having her video on your blog, as you can see she likes to ham it up. I'll show her your message in the morning.

We all enjoy your videos, we've pretty much seen them all and always look forward to the new stuff. It is some of the best, family friendly stuff on youtube, We've only been playing miniatures games for a couple years so we like the battle reports and general ramblings about the game and of course seeing all the cool models. It's nice to see people having fun, not taking themselves so seriously, the gaming sites at large could learn from that. I know that if the kids are watching BTP videos they'll have a few laughs and not get scarred for life...well except the high kickin chicken. ;)

All the best, and thanks to the whole BTP crew




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