Perfect Day

I slept in until around 10am this morning. Unheard of really. My wife was up late last night making chocolate chip cookies, flat and buttery just like I like them. I had three for breakfast and watched a couple of episodes of Stargate (I'm starting that again to get inspiration for the sci-fi campaign).

Church was magnificent, even though we missed the first hour. Sunday School was about Job-- always something to be gained there. I am like the anti-job; not being very obedient or faithful, but blessed in spite of it. I gave the lesson in Elder's quorum. I was called less than an hour before church to give it and I agreed at long as I got to choose the topic; Grace and Mercy. It turned out quite well. It's a subject I feel strongly about. In short, I think that God if full of grace and goodness and it is up to us to learn to receive it.

After church I took a rest with Tamie while the kids went downstairs to play. In the evening there were summer thundershowers. The sky was mostly grey, like a painting, with curving panels of pale blue and white here and there where the sun shone through. The rain was scattered and warm on the pavement. It was like an alien planet.

Life is so good. Today was like a day trip to heaven.



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