Down the Pathway

This week I started reading my scriptures and praying every day. I managed the first three chapters of the Book of Mormon. The trick is to do it first thing before anything else. Otherwise I get too distracted. It was a rough week, but I certainly felt a lot more... combobulated. My insight: I've been whining and complaining too much about my callings and really doing the bare minimum with a bad attitude. So, I'm changing all that this upcoming week. It's time to nut-up and make it happen.

Today was a bit more organized than our usual Sunday. We were only like five minutes late for church. I've found it an insufferable bore for the last several months on account of my own bad attitude and lack of paying attention, but today it was a delight and I certainly felt recharged afterwards.

I spent the afternoon in the high pursuit of preparing for my sci-fi campaign including watching all the sci-fi movies I can get my hands on. Not much more to say than that. Just another fantastic Sunday.



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