Webcam Battle Report Imminent

Clear your schedule for Saturday, August 14th, 2010. We're doing a live battle report via webcam. In fact, I ordered two really good webcams today (see pic). We are going to vastly improve the quality of our production.

A reminder will go out on this blog and on the Youtube channel as well.

What armies and what system is still up in the air. It's going to be WHF or 40K, one of the two this time. After that I hope to do one for War Machine.

It'll start at 12:00 noon Mountain Time
11:00am Pacific
1:00pm Central
2:00pm Eastern
7:00pm in United Kingdom
3:00am in Japan

If you can't watch it live don't worry all (or most) of it will be recorded and available for later viewing.

It will feature new terrain made in our state of the art terrain-making facility. Which reminds me: we're now taking orders for terrain, Turbo style or Custom; large or small. Almost anything you need or want. Contact Shawn at for details.



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