Empire Contingent at Ready

I got an unpainted Empire army on trade, all in excellent condition (unpainted):

10x Knights

5 Outriders

1 Mounted Warrior Priest

4 Warrior Priests on foot

20 Swordsmen

40 Spearmen

2 Great Cannons and crew

1 Hellblaster Volley Gun and crew

1 Empire army book

This can be turned into a commission where work can start on it immediately (somewhere in the $750-1050 range for painting depending on Level). You are welcome to pick and choose what you want done, and also to add models if you want (which of course will need to be ordered). You will save about half on assembly as many of them are put together already (they will go through our assembly for quality assurance-- just to double check them, and to finish, probably in the $50-100 range).

Alternatively, you can just buy all the models as-is for $310.

This is a strong starter army for Empire, just the right amount of each item. I would also recommend magnetized movement trays.

Again, we can start on this right away, which is the huge advantage. If you want to add items, this can be done at your option as a second part so that it does not delay the first wave.

Contact Shawn at bluetablepainting@gmail.com



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