Retribution Tactica part 02


Saw your last Ret v. Khador batrep. There was a couple of things that happened this game that I think sort of gave you the short end of the stick. You'll enjoy hearing some of these things could have been prevented, because they got played wrong. The whole game you pretty much sat in that forest with all your Shyeel mages. When your opponent came up with Eiryss and shot Rahn, Rahn was DEFINITELY farther than 3" from the edge of the forest, between Rahn and Eiryss. Eiryss only ignores forests if she shoots her phantom seeker bolt. He shot the disruptor bolt at you but because you were deeper than 3" from the edge, the attack auto-misses. You wouldn't have been focus-locked that turn. Remember that: you HAVE to be 3" or closer to the edge of a forest to be able to draw line of sight out of AND into the forest, when drawing a direct line. If you were 4" inside the forest and he wanted to charge you, he couldn't because he can't draw LOS to the target.

Very important.

I actually really liked the addition of the Stormfall Archers in this list. It gives you some potential to pick off single-wound infantry before they get up to you.

You were also correct in saying you needed to dance around a little more. Like I said in an earlier email, Ret is all about moving around, taking shots and casting spells when you get the opportunity and waiting for your opponent to make one small error and then you just overwhelm him. Try not to do the pincer deployment, it almost always ends poorly. I just recently talked to a friend about deployment tactics and he said it best: Think of Warmachine as armies of Napoleonic era troops, artillery and generals. If you play them in that old fashioned, gunline/rank and file way, you'll fare really well. The dawnguard should be out front with your mages behind them and on either side. Position the jacks where you want and the Stormfall archers should be placed somewhere where they will have a good, line LOS down the board. Remember, you can't see through forests or anything deeper than 3". Also just try play for a great feat turn. Do all the moving, shooting, spell casting you need in order to set up a devastating feat turn. Rahn and his mages are all about saturation. You want everyone to be able to take a shot at something, do some damage and push them all over the place.

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