Warrior Princess

I woke up really early this morning, maybe 2am or so. My mind is always racing at that hour. I ate some puffed wheat cereal and then went back to sleep. My lower back is in a knot.

The whole family slept in and it was a lazy Sunday morning. We finally got ready for church, but drove all the way out to Grantsville for a baby blessing. We were too late, but did go to Tamie's cousin's house for a lunch of american comfort foot (ham, choc-chip cookies, bean dip, pasta salad). My job at these functions is to not embarrass my wife. I'm man-candy on Tamie's arm-- smiling politely.

Grantsville is a small town on the other side of the mountains. It's where Tamie grew up, her young childhood. How similar our lives have been! At that same time I was growing up in another town roughly the same size and composition-- a semi-farming community-- in Oregon.

I find Tamie's Grantsville family to be entirely pleasant. Salt of the earth. I met an Aunt (?) of hers who worked many long years in the lime factory making cement mixtures.

Once home I proceeded to put the "rest" in "day of rest" by stripping down to my skivvies and lounging in bed watching Xena the Warrior Princess on Netflix. That's comfort food for the mind! Willow was nearby looking at an animal book when an amazon princess on the show lifted up both arms and let out a mighty victory cry; Willow looked up and let out an ululation of her own.

That show is so bad it's good.

School is starting soon so we're getting the kids on the early to bed routine. I love my children ever so much. I've found if I just go about my business they will come in when they need me for a dose of affection and affirmation which I am all too willing to give in abundant supply. They are getting so much better at helping around the house and getting ready for bed on their own. A more responsive and happy bunch I could not imagine.

I'm about to take a rrrrrinse and go to bed. I am on austerity measures for the next 2-4 weeks. Breakfast at home, brown-bag lunch, and home for dinner as well as longer hours at work. I plan on doing 8am to 7pm and Saturdays until the keel is even. Put your shoulder to the wheel and all that.

Here is a mental exercise for the day. Imagine for a moment that you had a choice. You will be taxed at 100% and you have to pick a stranger to completely manage your money for you. Retirement and everyday expenses. This person will decide what you will eat, what you will wear and what your entertainment would be. Or they could use a certain percentage however they saw fit. Would you agree to that arrangement?

What if the conditions were loosened (ie you can pick your own expenditures but only in broad options like only clothes with blue in them)?

Now how about 50%?

Now how about 10%?

Do you trust someone else to manage your money for you? Can you be trusted to handle your own money?

What is the difference between slavery and 100% taxation? How about 90%?

I do not mean this to be loaded questions in a strict sense. It occurred to me this morning that maybe just maybe I'm better equipped to run 100% of my own life. I am breaking my conditioning by asking questions.



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