Testimonial- Orcs

Dear Shawn,

After engaging your studio's services on multiple projects, I really love the way your team goes out of its way to delight customers! Giving Azhag to me rather then a regular wyvern, being extremely flexible, patient and responsive to my needs even when I couldn't make up my mind - it really is a delight working with your studio!

My latest project, the 2.5k pts O&G project blows me away! Abundant freehand (with no extra hidden charges!) and a gorgeous rustic paint scheme that screams orcs to me. I'm happy to know my upcoming tank project is almost done and I'm loving the video blurbs you're doing to keep me up-to-date with their progress!

For those who are thinking of engaging your studio's services, know that this studio get the thumbs up from me (and I have worked with multiple studios so I know what I'm talking about). I know your customers will walk away satisfied and I wish your studio every success!

Warmest Regards,




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