Revenge of the Squats

This is an idea for a concept army. I'm looking for a client or two to run with it. This will be one of those "head-turner" concept armies. Here we go.

Squats are an old 40K race. Space Dwarves. GW has tried to bury them but on rare occasions a die hard will bust some out on the table.

I found a miniatures range that is currently on clearance (usually 30-50% off retail) that if mixed with standard GW stuff would make a GREAT custom squat army. So, you'd save some on your cost of models. We can equip them with GW-type weapons so they will be standard that way, but probably not tournament-legal without permission (local tourneys likely to allow it).

Anyway, I'm looking for a client or two for one of these armies. If you just let us have free reign on list and color scheme the cost would be as follows:

1500 pts Squats $1000
2000 pts Squats $1400
2500 pts Squats $1800
3000 pts Squats $2200

Now free reign still allows some input from you, a little collaboration is to be desired.

OR you can hash out all the details with me. I'm eager to get a couple of these set up.

Naturally, you would want a lot of suits like these:

And tanks using larger stuff like these (these are roughly tank-sized)

This model is like 6" long.

That's just some ideas

You could use any of the following lists/models: Deathwing, Chaos Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Orks (probably the best one!).



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