I also have several armies on hand and ready to paint. They all are about 2000 pts and can be started in right away for a cost in the $950-1150 range. That's a finished army. I can nail it down if anyone is interested. I would prefer to do them as Turbo type armies with complete license.

Khorne Daemons

I also have those 100x Cadians plus 8x Tanks for $950. That's 2000 points.

Speaking of that last, I've been thinking over a list for Warhammer Fantasy, 2500 points. Looks something like this:
Bloodthirster x1
Heralds on foot x2-3 (including BSB and one on Juggernaut)
Skulltaker x1
Bloodletters x48
Bloodcrushers x6

Something like that. Cost is $1300. If you order the first one it's $1050. This is with broad artistic license.

There will be a Warhammer 40K webcast of a live battle report on Saturday, August 28 at 7pm at night Mountain Time.



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