Retribution Advice

I'm in the process of watching your livecast of your Retribution, against Cygnar.

The biggest tip I could offer you, is to use your army to it's strengths. Your army has a great ability to manipulate where models are on the field of battle. In this specific game, you had killed most his troops and his Archnode, but his big jacks were coming around. You were concerned about that jack charging in..(And the mages don't do Ranged attacks, they do Magic attacks, so Deceleration doesn't work against them.)

You could have easily lined your mages in a fashion to actually pull his jack in. You have so many mages that you can use them in tangent to effectively 'fish' models away from the rest of your opponents forces, then use Rahn to Telekinesis your jack over to beat it to death.(Ideally loading it up on focus against a large jack.)

Also, the Battle Mages spell, they push/pull things on the hit, before damage is done (typically doesn't matter, but should it..) you don't HAVE to push/pull things. Another thing, with that many mages, keep in mind in melee they have two attacks with one higher power, so feel free to pull something into your guys to get some punchy in. (They attack just as well with melee attacks)

Like in the current turn, he moved his guy back up, you could have pulled him in range of the other group so they can charge (if he didn't use his polarity shield, which I don't think he can when he runs) That way you can get that charge damage in on him.

Continuous Effects, a Warcaster/Warjack can expend a focus to shake the effect.

Watching later in the video, it seems you did the above tactic (Though forgetting to give him focus) but it's a start, heh.

Flame with the arrow is Continuous fire, meaning you set the other Jack on fire. (Flame with stars is crit fire, flame marked out is Immune to fire)



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