BTP army on the tabletop- fan Vid

Hey Shawn, BTP fan just checking in saying how much I appreciate the great work you and your studio do and how much I love the projects that you guys have done for me. Several months ago, I was able to use most of the models that I've gotten from you guys (Thunderhawk Gunship, 5 Chapter Masters, Techmarine with Servo-Harness, and 10 Assault Marines) in a humble Apocalypse game with some friends. I regret that my other models and the tables we used don't do your guys' work justice but it was a casual game (with original Apoc objective claiming rules) and I'm a sloth when it comes to painting. Here is the intro/deployment video (voiced first by my friend Daniel and secondly by myself and my friend Emmanuel) with a link to a public facebook gallery with pictures from the game:

The game was a blast and the BTP models won the day with the Assault Marines and Chapter Masters wiping the Imperial Guard off of one objective (and destroying two basilisks I might add) and then claiming another in the heart of the Imperial Guard deployment zone. The Thunderhawk blew great holes in the Imperial Guard and Dark Angels lines with its Turbo-Laser (Renn is so right about that one, especially at only +20 points!) and raking exposed infantry with its Heavy Bolter sponsons, all before ending the game hovering over two objectives and claiming them!. Lastly, the Techmarine with his Thunderfire Cannon (which I added later, hence the sub-par painting on the cannon) shelled all who attempted to cross the bridge.

Just wanted to show my appreciation for your studio's fantastic work by showing the models getting some use on the table. Thanks so much for all the work you guys have done on my projects and I can't wait until I can get some more BTP quality minis!

PS: Valhalla looks AMAZING! Are you guys planning on doing it past January and February? Myself and some of the guys in this video are positively itching to book The Bunker but have neither the time nor the funds to do it likely until summer or later.


Shawn says: Yes, we have a rough plan for a Valhalla event in early May. Warhammer Fantasy most like.



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