Horde Painting

I'm still running that horde painting special. 50-100+ figures, L3 infantry for $5 each painting.

I would also do bulk deals for the cost of models, too, if you want that. You can send models ready to paint.

50+ Space Marine infantry
50+ Wyches or Kabalite Warriors
50+ Orks
50+ Gaunts

This would be absolutely great for a Warhammer Fantasy army. Nowadays you need at least 75 infantry. For a Skaven army this would be awesome because you need at least 200 figures really. You could make a beastly Warriors of Chaos force with this special. Fifty chaos warriors would be a mammoth beatstick and weigh in around a thousand points everything included. Lizardmen, Vampire Counts, Beastmen (oh man you need to do a Beastmen army), and Dwarfs would benefit particularly from this special.

Now's your chance to get your massed troops done. Heck, you could even do a combined item: like a massed Space Wolf infantry army with six Razorbacks, 36x infantry and 15x Long Fangs. I'm open to ideas.



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