Valhalla: Ork sneak pics

At the February Valhalla event, the plan is to have both formal and informal games. For the formal, scored games it will be four games over two days. Normal games (one player against another) as well as scenario games (one player playing a pre-set scenario). It is for this type of game that we are building two or more studio armies. One of those is the Junkyard Orks. By this coming Tuesday they will be completely done, except for two Stompas.

So that means you might bring your own army, but play one or two games using the Orks. Or a few games where you play someone playing Orks. Maybe even a BTP staffer. Or you can just play your own army the whole time.

Scenarios and rules and what-not will be published in advance.

I have avoided using the word "tournament" because we are not out to find the best players of the group, but rather to tell an epic tale. If your score is the highest that gives bragging rights, but not much else.

Here's what's in it:
2x Warboss on foot
2x Warboss on bike (one FW)
2x Mekboyz
1x Zagstrukk
9x Trukk chassis
3x Supa Zzappa upgrades for Trukk
4x Battlewagon
1x Lifta-Droppa
60x Slugga/Choppa Boyz
40x Shoot Boyz
6x Big Shootaz
3x Rokkit Boyz
10x Stormboyz
11x Lootaz
13x Kommandos
7x Nobz on Bike
36x Nobz on foot
4x Painboyz
13x Burnaboyz
3x Meganobz

Coming up!
2x Stompaz

A batrep was recorded today; Renn's Blood Angels vs James with Orks. I hope to get the first two parts up soon.

Lastly, some math on Valhalla. The Barracks sleeps four. The ticket is $1600. However, split four ways that's only $400 each (lodging, food, most transportation, and event for four days three nights). And you only have to pay half up front. Time to get some buddies together and make the trip!



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