Orange Peppers

My wife and I have started eating better. The problem with changing habits is that the changes don't usually last. It takes a few runs up the hill to get it to be a permanent thing. Tamie is really into it-- kale chips, green smoothies and what-not but I am being careful to make sure that I only eat things I like while at the same time trying new and healthier things.

I was looking at a box of Trix. Ingredients: Corn Flour, Corn Syrup and Corn Meal. Tons of genetically modified government-subsidized corn.

While at the natural foods store with Tamie the other night I was impressed by the broad array of different options. Tons of different natural sugar alternatives, many dozens of various grains, organic local produce. Most of it 1.5x to 2.0x the price of government-subsidized products. It then occurred to me that maybe the natural foods store would be what the regular store would look like without the federal government subsidizing certain foods (eg corn, sugar). It then hit me further that a relatively small number of Congressmen were making my choices for me. They decided that corn would be the food of the masses.

Without even thinking about it, just enjoying different new foods and vegetables, I have lost six pounds since January 1. I'm down to 208. I'd like to be a smooth $1.97 again.

This morning I had a whole wheat pita covered in Tamie's home-made hummus; avocados, orange peppers, and tomoatoes. My body is readjusting to this new type of food. I still crave filling carbs. I still want a McD's Angus burger. But I am starting to crave pears and sweet peppers, too.

I had a lot of things to put on a studio update today but the clock ran out. The Orks have many new and wonderful additions. For Valhalla things are evolving apace in terms of event planning (ie how to run the games). The idea is maturing into something wonderful. I can't wait. Tickets are now available. We are ready to shoe-horn you in. You can get an event pass for $350 (three days food/events) if you want to find your own lodging in the area. If it were me, I'd get three of my friends on board for $400 each and take up in the Barracks. Remember you can pay half in the month following the event so if you have $175-200 you can get started at least!

My current visual opiate is Doctor Who, 2005. I remember watching the first few episodes and losing interest, but the series certainly gets better. Some are richly written, well-thought-out, campy, and some are a bit freaky. I wouldn't let my kids watch just any one.



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