Revenge of Spikey Boots

I played a 2200 pt game against Renn's Blood Angels today. He added a unit of Scout Bikers, nasty buggers those. And two Baal Predators.

I didn't record the game as we just wanted to play something low-key and just for fun. I tried a completely different list:

2x Warboss
30x Nobz
3x Battlewagons
13x Boyz

Well, it was a lot of fun (Dawn of War, Objectives) but by turn five neither of us had any scoring units, so it was a draw no matter what. It's a tough list, the Nobs tore through the toughest the Blood Angels had, even Death Company. Seventeen Power Klaw attacks takes care of Feel No Pain.

That particular list is lacking in flexibility. The Nobz can only be in so many places at any given time. But they are hulking gorillas, extremely hard to take down with wound shenanigans. I think that a strength of the Orks is their randomness. Lots of small stuff with weird rules. If you can't have fun playing Orks then I don't know what to say.

A major breakthrough of mine recently is to realize that I don't know the rules very well, and I don't play very well. I don't think it's doing justice to the thousands of people that watch our Batreps. That said, I believe there is a segment of the gaming community that might be left behind with all the super-competitive stuff out there. I'm not criticizing that, but I am more of a champion of the casual player, hearkening back to the golden age of miniatures battles, when it was all new and magical.

I want my content to appeal and be useful to the new player. Tutorial in nature. Friendly. But even friendly games should be played correctly.

I don't like tournaments personally. Oh, I think they're fine, but there's a whole world associated with friendly play, with "Miniatures Battles as RPG" that I am afraid may be left behind. I want to champion that world.



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