Tightening the Bolts

Last night my oldest daughter, who is turning twelve soon, was graduated into the Young Women's program. There was a small ceremony where she was introduced by an older girl to the group and we had a snacky little dinner thing. Everyone was dressed up. For me, it was like a watershed moment of quiet reflection. I'll have a teenager soon. I'm getting older. To me it feels like I'm just getting stronger. And more peaceful.

My wife was wearing a set of those loose Indian clothes, aqua and cream. She looked radiant. I wish I had taken a picture.

Once home I almost immediately passed out. I think I went to sleep around 9pm. I'm now up at 1am for my early, early morning shift. I'm watching Dr. Who (again) my favorite pair of episodes: Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead.

At the studio we are on top of things. Every single person is working harder and more precisely. I am to the point where I am immediately answering emails as they come in. Well, naturally, I have to sleep. It used to be 3-5 weeks for turnaround. I'm trying to get that down to 1-3 weeks. The goal is to have a project get constant attention from the moment it arrives at the studio. No waiting.

Effective immediately, I'm bringing back the Pandora special. I will give a $100 credit towards a Pandora army to the first two who set one up. Any takers?

We still have spots open for Valhalla (Feb 24 and Mar 24).

In other big news, we are apparently the "official" painting service of 40K Radio. I spent about an hour talking to the new-ish owner today. More to come on that.



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