Clunking Along

I went to sleep around 9:30pm. I got up around 1:30am. I'm answering emails, getting an aggressive start to the week.

I am actively on standby for any inquiry you may have. I am eager to set up projects for late January and February. We are ready when you are!

Remember, you can pay for a project in any increments you like, breaking it up practically how you see fit. I just need to know the target date for completion.

Tickets for Valhalla are on sale now. Several have asked if there will be events later in the year. That's the plan! Right now we are concentrating on the first two events. However, a rough draft is that we will have one in April (probably for Warhammer Fantasy), and then two events a month through summer and fall.

We do plan on going to Adepticon, yes.

I'm almost through season 6 of Star Trek TNG. It's soothing background material and suitable for public consumption.

Over the weekend I read this rather lengthy article about Playing to Win. I am not a competitive player by any definition. However, recording the batrep this weekend made me realize I really don't know 40K that well. I am not playing very much these days and that is going to change. I need to know my genre about 5x better.



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