Got this Iron Warriors dreadnought on eBay. Pick it up for a song.

As usual, big behind the scenes things happening at BTP which will be revealed in due time. Right now, Blue Table is being run much better. I have tightened up the ship from stem to stern. Quality Control is ship shape. Turnaround time is the best it has ever been.

Warhammer Fantasy event being planned for May at Valhalla. Still hammering out the details.

Let's travel back in time to Saturday morning. I was up at 5am, keeping up on things. I spent the morning with the family, cooking and joking around. For breakfast I had: pita, veganaise, home-made hummus, avocado, cucumber, orange peppers and water. My new delicious things that I like to eat. And a swiss cheese omelet.

I took the boys to the office with me, I suppose the closest thing to dad-time they get sometimes. I explain business to them; leases, cash-flow, stuff like that. It made me remember being on the job-site with my dad. I must have been ten years old. He demolished houses by hand, old lathe and plaster things with all sorts of trinkets in the floorboards.

We went by a storage unit with the contents of a pizza restaurant in them. Sarah and I picked up equipment for the Valhalla project, just one little cog in the massive amount of preparations. Retail value was probably around $400. Got it for $75. This is the equation of the free market. Abandoned or failed businesses become fodder for healthy ones. It's all good.

Sometimes it's like ten cents on the dollar. How does that impact the flow of money and resources? The myth that we are expected to believe, coming from the Capitol, is that government spending on a massive scale is needed to "keep things flowing". But isn't buying the resources of a failed business for 90% off the same thing? Banks would have us believe that they provide capital for new businesses, but they don't. They only provide counterfeit money which is exchanged for capital (actual physical resources), but on the net they are actually a destructive influence, because in the end they take more than they give. Banks remove actual capital from the countryside and consolidate it into major city centers and into the hands of a few. A yacht is built while ten granaries go unbuilt. And it all happens invisibly.

For things that we are doing, amazing things, we need capital. I wish I could show it widely. What we are doing, I mean.

I went on a date with Tamie. We went to a vegetarian restaurant, our new fave (Ginger's Cafe in Springville). For the record, I'm not a vegetarian now. I'm just finding new and wonderful things to eat. The rule is to eat whatever I want. After that we went to the natural food store, then for a walk in the mall. Once home, but while the kids were away at the sitters we watched an episode of Monk, our new favorite show. Alone in the house for an hour, what shall we do? Watch TV. Pretty sedentary.

Well, if you're not in a coma by now from boredom I may as well say a little about wargaming.

First off, I can't get enough. The Ork army is obscenely huge, with over a hundred more "boyz" all ready to be painted now. And two stompaz put together. That plus some mixcellaneous stuff should see it suitably completed. Some of the units of specialists need to be larger.

I also can't take my eyes away from the Dark Eldar. I'm thinking ultra-fast with Hellions as troops (Baron Sarthonyx), maybe fifty or so of them, and a few void raven bombers. Those are too cool. Need to be based on FW Eldar Nightwing I think.

I also got a really slick idea for a haemonculous army with wracks etc. transports will be floating daises of horrid torture; square and stone with dangling apparatus and huge bone-like formations.

Which reminds me, does anyone want to make a FW order on our behalf? About $300. Rate is +50%. It you make a $300 order you get a $450 credit with BTP. That can even be used for models. Email me if interested:

See you all Monday. I'll be up at the crack of dawn.



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