Cadians on the Block

Got in an Imperial Guard army on trade. If you would like to commission the army for trade, the materials are 75% off (ie you pay 25%). You can pick and choose if you like.

26x Las Gun Infantry-Cadian

3x Grenade Launcher Infantry-cadian

6x-Voxcaster Infantry

2x Leman Russ Battle tanks


3x Lascannon Hvy Wep teams

3x Ogryn

1x Nork Dedogg

4x metal Melta Gunners-

2x Metal Plasma Gunners

10 ratling snipers

2x Plastic Sergeants w/ Chainsword/laspistol

2x metal Sergeants w/ Power fist/Laspistol

1x metal sergeant Chainsword, Bolt Pistol

1x Metal Standard Bearer-Cadian

1x Metal Medic

1x Metal wounded soldier model

1x Metal Techpriest-

1x Commissar Yarrick

1x vindicare assassin

1x Officer (monocle and power sword)

2x Power fist Commissars, one is holding a book and preaching

2x Power sword Commissars With Plasma Pistols

1x Chainsword Bolt pistol Commissar



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