Dream Realm

The Dream Realm is becoming unstable.

Star Trek: Voyager is on Netflix now, all seven seasons, so I'm pretty much knocked out of any useful pursuit for a week. Kidding really, I'll still be getting my regular stuff done.

My wife and I took a walk this morning. The sun was oppressively hot as we strolled Willow around. She is a delight as always: sure to say please and thank you. There was a kind of constant popping noise from the Southeast, like a giant construction grade popcorn popper. I got in my car and started driving around to see what the heck it was. Turns out it was coming from the shooting range, high on a hill near the pass. I don't know what in the world they were doing out there but it involved a lot of guns.

On a walk vid.

My daughter spied a lizard out on the back porch sparking a family-wide lizardhunt. It was a blue-belly fence lizard, a hearty and sizeable specimen. I used to catch them all the time back in Oregon, and I haven't lost the touch. I got him under a plastic cake case-thing.

Went to church as usual, but G. (six years old) forgot to eat lunch so I took him home and we hung out for a while eating pot pies with extra veggies and chocolate pudding. It was enlightening as usual.

I spent the afternoon lounging in bed eating chips and chocolate-covered almonds with my lovely wife. And watching Voyager of course. We're to S1E12 now. I closed my eyes for just a minute around 7pm and then woke up around 12pm when I began to write this post.

Life, as usual, has minor bumps and shocks, but seriously could it be any better? My challenge these days is not to get in a paranoid tizzy but rather just take a deep breath and enjoy.



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