Saturday, July 9, 2011

Most of the time I feel like Bill Murray in "The Man Who Knew Too Little". Why is life going so great for me?

Saturday I just couldn't wait to get down to the studio. It was just me and Mike D. all day. I'm pretty much caught up after one hell of a move week. Joseph came down and compulsively finished his Flames of War terrain. We ordered a combo pizza, that's my fave. We were going to do a Fantasy batrep but that fell through. I have a client's Tomb Kings army lined up for that.

We put up a bunch of new 40K stuff for sale.

It has been a week of flaring emotions for me, irritated at times, but mostly elated. Walking into the main room at the new studio is a complete high. It's like a bit of heaven on earth, a reflection at least; light, space and happiness.

I got home about 6pm and my wife took off to visit a friend in the hospital. Evidently that takes five hours. But yay for me I got to spend time with my pretty much perfect kids. I can't get enough of them.

I dug out my box of old D&D stuff, things I wrote by hand and on word processor from 1986 to 1996. Just for inspiration. The big news is that I'm going to run a simple D&D adventure, just to slake my thirst. We're going old school: Player's Handbook only.

Materials for studio Dark Eldar arrived. It's a venom heavy super-fast force. I can't wait to play it. Should be up and running in plenty of time for Valhalla August 11-14.



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