Fourth of July

I would write extensively on what the Fourth of July means to me, but it would be the same laborious griping that you've endured for years on this Blog. I long to be free from the burden of the my own country's massive central government. That's the same freedom that my ancestors fought for.

It takes constant effort, struggle and maintenance to secure true freedom. Make no mistake, freedom is a dangerous thing-- it means taking responsibility for myself. It's like keeping up a yard. Every week, every day, I have to go out and pull the weeds. I admire the American revolutionaries because they ponied up and got the job done.

As usual, my family life is an enchanting paradise of loveliness. My kids are delightful and responsive. I get home and they run to greet me. My wife makes me food.

The move is pretty much complete, we just need to set up this and that. I had hoped to get a video up over the weekend, but it never seemed like it was quite in the condition where I wanted to show it off. We are going to get some furnishings and plants on Tuesday.

Blue Table Painting is open for business as usual on the Fourth. I will be in more hours than usual, actually.



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