I got up around 5am this morning, still fired up to get to the studio. I caught a quick catnap then bolted out the door around 7am or so, scarfing down a bowl of granola and raisins.

We bought a few new rugs for the studio. It needs a lot more furnishings to feel complete, though, and especially a lot of plants. Green, as in leaves of green, is our accent color. Just perfect. The studio has room to about triple in size and capacity. Our goal is to double in the next eighteen months (before the end of 2012). Other than a few odd boxes we are all settled in. It's just starting to feel like home.

We had a studio-warming party tonight. I was pretty sad at first as it seemed that it would be a "damp squib" but it heated up to about twenty people and spirits were high. I gave a rockin' speech. My wife was wearing her aqua indian outfit, all flowy and blingy. I'm so proud to be seen with her.

I got in a trade of dwarfs today, a good starter army with some refurbishment. I'd probably charge around $320 for it. Just about forty infantry a few characters and war machines. More on that later.

I also got in a bunch of Skaven stuff. Making a studio Dark Eldar army, too. I think I mentioned that already.

Also, Zanna finally broke me down and I'm going to run a D&D game. Probably Wednesday nights.

I got home to a hero's welcome, all the kids rushing to greet me. My wife and I sat on the porch of our rose-brick home, flowers blooming out front, in the sweet summer air, the dimmest of sunsets washing over us as our little ones raced around on the grass. Willow must have kissed me fifty times.

Life is especially sweet today. I am about to pass out. Good night.



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