Life of Riley

Went in for a day's work today and got all caught up. It was amazing. My wife and eldest son of nine years came by the studio for a visit. We went out for an ice cream cone and cherry shake at a local old-school soda jerk shop.

If you have a project with a deadline you need to contact me via email on Monday to verify that it is on track.

At this moment I am in my dining room. Through the back windows I can see the mountain line, shrouded with clouds and fog. A thunderstorm is passing through, making the air muggy and the greenery wet. It looks like we are in the mountains of central america more than anything.

A combo pizza was just delivered and the kids are devouring it like a bunch of uncivilized savages.

Before me on a well-lit table is a foot-high stack of D&D books. One of my favorite things. Also my laptop and a flatscreen. I'm watching Voyager season four. Tonight I'm prepping for the D&D game next Tuesday.

It's been one hell of a week. A major unexpected expense for the business threw us into a tailspin, we did our best, but still didn't make it. Depressing on the one hand, but the effort was a stretching exercise.

Now on to a day of rest.



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