First of all, I realize I'm not posting here as much as before. I intend to remedy that.

Saturday I went into work. It is often my most productive; no distractions. I put on Voyager in that giant studio hall and get crackin'. I'm on season three now. My challenge as usual is to pay the bills. That also means making sure that all BTP workers get work and paychecks. It's an ever-increasing challenge, but my strength to do it is ever-increasing.

The big news is that I've brought on Janene as videographer. She'll still be painting, half and half to start. She brings fresh insight into advertising, videos, and the trade program. I am very interested in trade-ins. Right now we have about two hundred things up in the for sale gallery, I'd like that to be more like four thousand.

Information on the trade-in program.

Our 2012 goal is to consistently get two videos a day up, on average, and at least two Batreps a week. This is likely to be more like one for the time being.

That night I took my wife out dancing at the town carnival. In Utah, the 24th of July is like a second independence day.

Monday, July 25th was a state holiday. All banks and public offices closed. We were lamenting the pathetic-ness of that situation.

I'm also toying with the idea of doing mega-HOTIs. To the tune of 20-50K for 40-100K with a 3-7 year disbursement. Who would want to do that?

I'm also starting up a Pathfinder campaign. Really just running one adventure, but there is solid support around the studio. I have at least six people around the table currently. Got in this letter from a fan:


Xelkireth, here. I didn't want to pollute your Youtube with posts and after-thoughts about Pathfinder. I really do believe Pathfinder is the best d20 system out there. If you go to the boards, you'll see an extensive community and community support. I've actually had questions answered by the editor-in-chief, James Jacobs and their CEO. One thing I love about Pathfinder, is they've flat out said there will not be another revision to the system for at least ten years. One of the things Paizo hated about WotC is the continuous need to buy new editions. I really like that about them. Pathfinder is a bit more powerful, than D&D as far a classes go, but their monsters on on par with the classes, so it all balances out.

Anyways, enough rambling.



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