Warrior's Return

I'm completely settled at the new studio. I'll be doing my regular today, Saturday, catching up and tying up loose ends. I'm most productive when there are no distractions.

Arriving home is like stepping into a fairlyland. The aspens are whispering and the sunlight softens to green as it passes through them. My lawn is covered with clover, their pink bulbs shrouding the house in a thick sweet scent. Tall flowers of red and yellow are blooming, tended by swirling bees, in front of my rose-brick house. As I open the door, the kid come to greet me with hugs and kisses, "Dah-dee, Dah-dee!" My wife leaves off the stove, wiping her hands on her apron, to give me a hero's welcome with a kiss.

So, pretty ****in' awesome. That's how I'm doing.

News items:
1) I may be opening two new positions today: painter and videographer/promotions. Locals only at this time. That means within 30 minutes of the studio, though for the latter position I may open it up more generally later on.
2) Still a few drop pods available for our 40K/War Machine Valhalla coming up August 11-14.
3) Still running our $5 painting special for certain massed hordes.
4) Starting up the Pandora special again.
5) Eldar infantry up on the block. Vehicles and jetbikes should be up by Monday.
6) Still got that IG Elites army on the block for $1150. Just the models as-is. I think (but am not sure) that it's about $1800 retail.



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