Imperial Guard Elites

Just got in a trade. A load of Imperial Guard. I would love to turn this into a commission, but you can buy the lot for $1175.

This could be a finished work for $3600-4200. It's really something special.

1 Creed and Kell (metal)
2 Banner & medic (metal)
1 Old female commissar (metal)
1 wounded guardsman (metal)
4 Imperial Officers (metal)
9 Psykers (metal)
16 Kasrkin Plasma Gunners (metal)
18 Kasrkin Melta Gunners (metal)
13 Kasrkin Flamers (metal)
14 Kasrkin Grenaders (metal)
16 Kasrkin Vox casters (metal)
68 Kasrkin Infantry (metal)
14 Kasrkin Squad Leaders (metal)

2 magetized leman russes
3 partially assembled leman russes
4 leman russes unopened (3 of them in the squadron boxed set)
2 Hellhounds partially assembled
4 valkryies partially assembled

2 Baneblades, one primed

A lot of the infantry are primed red/rust and some are painted red/black. By a lot I mean approximately thirty of them. Roughly.



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