Hidden Treasures

Read on for various specials!

These Grey Knights on the block for $725. You can pick those up with one of the $600/800 gift certificates detailed below.

Through Friday pick up the Tomb Kings terrain for $1350.

Buyer pays actual shipping. Contact Shawn at bluetablepainting@gmail.com if interested.

Only terrain pieces included, not boards. Special prices are for money only-- Paypal, Credit/Debit card by phone, check, or MO.

Also running the following specials for an indeterminate limited time (probably through the end of the week):

Hero of the Imperium. Two golden doors opening for that one.

Buy a Gift Certificate worth $800 for our For Sale section for $600 (three available). You can use it right away or hold on to it. Three slots for this one. ONE left!

Pandora's Army: pick up a Pandora's army of 1500+ pts (or 35+ pts for Warmahordes) and get $100 worth of conversion work love added on. Three slots for this one.

All Eldar (less two weapon platforms and wraithlord which have sold) for $4850. The materials cost alone is above $3200.

If you live locally and want to scavenge through our rather extensive trade stock it's 60% off retail. You heard it right. Appointment only, email me.

All this is limited time, limited quantity.



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