This Sunday seems to stretch on interminably. I am ever so eager to get back to the studio and keep getting things set up completely. That said, thank goodness for the Sabbath, for if it were not for forbiddance to work, I would surely work myself to death.

In other news of awesome awesomeness I got in my Ron Paul promotional stuff I ordered: 6x yard signs, stickers and four shirts.

I woke up early this morning, as usual, having gone to sleep at perhaps 9pm. My wife was off to Stadium of Fire-- an enormous annual display of nationalistic pride here in Utah. I stayed home with Willow and she fell asleep watching cartoons while I answered emails and plotted out the studio Dark Eldar army.

I had cottage cheese and fresh peaches for breakfast. They were a tad under-ripe. My wife was going to make peach pie, but the peaches are not quite ready for that.

I relaxed all morning. Willow cut herself a bit on the thumb and cried until we put a bandaid on it, then started crying "thank you, thank you, thank you". She's so polite and good natured. Is there such a thing as the perfect baby? She is a darling. But on account of that, and my eldest daughter (nearly twelve now) hurt her back. Both were all better by the end of the day. But it meant I stayed home with the girls while my wife headed to church with the boys. Too bad, I would have much liked to have gone.

I slept for at least a few hours. Hamburgers on the grill for lunch. I tried putting peas on mine, crispy ones from the garden. It was OK. My brother-in-law happened by right around that time and helped to get the grill prepped, just fine by me as I find that to be an insufferable chore.

Then more sleeping. Indeed my wife has been sleeping the last three hours I think. Myself, I am exhausted to the bone from the move, having moved each item a second time (once as a group to move it all over and a second time to get it all in the right place). Not too bad, and not nearly as back breaking as the cleanup and preparation labor that Sarah and family were doing; longer hours and heavier lifting.

I went for a walk around 6:30 but it was still blistering hot. And muggy. But the yards, houses, flowers, mountains and white steeples were gorgeous as ever.

I watched Gulliver's Travels all the way through with the various children coming and going. For dinner, two microwave pot pies (chicken) and chocolate pudding.

I am ever so eager to get back to work. I think if I wake up at 2am this morning it won't be too soon to get out the door! It's like Christmas!



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