Daemonic Daydreams

I have splendid ideas and army themes for each of the four chaos gods. Here are a few:

Wyches of Thoth
(based on the fluff story on p83 of the 40K codex for daemons)
2 Heralds of Tzeentch on Chariots (Dark Elf Wych Elves converted with egyptian-type staves on large scratch converted armored flying discs. If one is not averse to models outside the range I think this one would be good.)
9x Flamers of Tzeentch (standard models)
36x Horrors of Tzeentch (standard models, four units of nine)
9x Screamers of Tzeentch (standard models)
1x Changer of Ways (played as Daemon Prince or Greater Daemon of Tzeentch)

Bell of Nurgle
(The entirety of the troops in this army are based on the Skaven Plague Monk kit-- rat tails removed, rat faces removed-- only these strange empty-hooded beings with scrolls, bells, parchments, etc. The whole army draws a lot on Empire Flagellant, Black Templar skull-stuff, and Vampire Counts bitz)
1x Epidemius (based on Skaven giant bell thing, or maybe a scratch build palanquin on a many-legged monstrosity with an enormous bell and huge banners. This model will likely need to go on a 100mm round and will easily be the massive centerpiece of the army)
3x Herald of Nurgle (on Palanquin, a beasty of some kind, rotted boards, banners, nailed on parchments, shrines to pestilence)
7x Beasts of Nurgle (various models, with the theme of parchments and proclamations woven in there, using the new kit plus chaos spawn kits)
28x Plaguebearers (using plague monk kits as a base)
30x Furies (using plastic forest goblin spiders, pose adjusted, with blades, and paraphernalia and fly wings out of clear plastic; these are critical to the army since they are a fast moving element that can tie up enemies while the plaguebearers get to grips) OR forego the wings and have them as "Hounds of Nurgle" (ie played as Hounds of Khorne-- which would work better since they can Fleet the turn they arrive).
2x Soul Grinders (hellcannons with no wheels but rather spider like legs to carry them along, tentacles and what not spewing/dripping from the maw, and "goads" to prod it along)

Take a look at the price spreadsheets.



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