Tau Sept World Verdaan reinforcements

Tau Sept World Verdaan. What I've got so far.

At long last the Forge World models for the studio Tau army are all put together and ready to paint. And I've been a busy little painter!

Here's what I have to paint over the weekend:

  • 1x Shas'o Myr (where can I find rules for this model?) done!
  • 2x FW Broadsides done!
  • 1x Barracuda done!
  • 1x FW Battlesuit Commander (which I had just threw in there for kicks but is now by far my favorite model)
  • 2x Sensor Towers (people diss them but I think they're cool. It's on.)
  • 2x Pirahnas (not sure I like the FW ones now that I see them put together. I think I like the normal ones, just need to get railguns on there)
These are all painted to what I would consider L3 (except O'Myr and the Barracuda which I gave a little extra attention).

I'm using a few colors I don't normally employ this time around; all Vallejo.

  • Cavalry Brown with Hot Orange blended on.
  • Hot Orange with Lemon Yellow dots (for lenses)
  • Foul Green with White blended highlights
  • Black Grey with grey highlights

I should also point out that they are painted using only traditional method. That wasn't intentional, but they didn't turn out too bad.


James said...

The rules for Shas'O R'Myr's is on page 147 of the Taros compaign Imperial Armour 3 book

RP said...

actually its 174, probably just a typing error but hey ho.


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