Thursday May 8 2008 Toy Shop Elves

See the other pics.

This Soulgrinder is for as a prize. You should all tune in and sign up.

Today, like most days we were as busy as little elves. It's like a toy shop. We ordered two pizzas for lunch: pepperoni and hawaiian.

First: there is an opening in late May for a Vampire Counts army, if anyone wants one done. I am still running my "core-tastic" special with grunt troops painted at L2 for $2.75 per model. We would need to order materials right away, though, unless you're sending the models.

Diabetes runs in my family. My mom was talking to me about an hour about watching what I eat. And I couldn't agree more. But that didn't stop me from eating a giant bowl of Captain Crunch Berries just before bed last night. So bad, but it tastes so good.

One project has been delayed:
Inquisition 01 PC (don't worry, it will be worth it in the end! A few figures were delayed and I didn't realize until too late)

Good news for Vampire Counts 01 DW: done and looookin' good. Just need to take the pics.

Things are cracking. Nice and smooth. I plan on finishing my Tau army over the weekend.

Oh, I'm sorry, I'm just really tired. My mind is jumping all over.

Right this instant it is midnight precisely. I am watching "Under the Tuscan Sun" with my wife. The house in the movie reminds me of a place I lived while in Pichilemu, Chile, on my mission.

She is really starting to feel lethargic from the pregnancy. We're leaning towards "Phoenix" as the child's name. That's mighty early to settle on that. Tamie was fretting about the pregnancy this morning. I told her to relax and enjoy it since it will likely be the last one.

One thing I'm doing to make the pregnancy smoother is, when I burp, I blow it away instead of in her face. It's a sacrifice, but I'm willing to make it.


Michael said...


You know, diabetes is a serious disease and isn't something to joke around about. You might consider taking your mother's advice before you find out doctors have to start hacking away on your limbs.


Anonymous said...

Aw that is very terrible. I agree tho.
Hes not very nice to his wife either.


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