You're the Important Thing

I have now cleared my Inbox.

I am never too busy to talk to a client. I am always biting my nails that a BTP customer will have a good experience.

So, when I mention that I'm working a long day to clear the Inbox, don't be shy about contacting me. I'm not too busy.

Blue Table Painting is more than making money. For me, it's a chance to get to know people. It may sound strange but I want to grow old with my clients. I want them to shed a tear when my children get married, or in forty years when my funeral arrangements are being made.

I have decided to NOT grow the business beyond a certain point. It's got to be a fun, enjoyable, personal experience to be worth it.

Soooo, when I mention the full Inbox, that's by way of apology/explanation and not a "closed" sign!
When you call, and I pick up you become the "Important Thing I have to do Right Now" and NOT an interruption.

1 Comment:

Paulo said...

Yeah,thats the spirit. You´re a good man,and,an example for me...Im glad for the day that i´ve found your blog.

All the best for you my friend.



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