Saturday May 31 2008

This is one of the models (not painted by BTP-- this is the product image) used as Mages in the Heru/HE army, below...

Today I had a day off, effectively.

I just swung by the grocery store and picked up snacks for Paint Fest then painted my heart out all afternoon. I finished up my Heru Sky Raiders army (using the High Elf list but Heru models from Crocodile Games). It's about 1200 points.

Though it has a lot of wonderful conversions, and I love the look AND feel of the army, it is time to sell it off (like the Tau Drones). It's about 1500 points. Cost is $350. I don't need to tell you this is a good deal. I will be taking pictures and documenting it early next week. The money is financing the next army, whatever that may be.

Tonight I came home to three kids who are on summer break; dirty feet, dried ice cream on their faces, and their hair matted with twigs and grass.

I let the rabbits out in the back yard, but as of nightfall tonight one of them is still missing.

We're eager to do more Vampire Counts armies and I'm ready to make a deal on a Tyranid army, if anyone wants to give creative license.



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