Hollow World

Deck and outdoor living for Valhalla at Park City.  These are pictures that looked good to me.

Our private island is waiting...

How to buy an island- practical stuff

We pick up our guests on the mainland in a yacht.  Wargame tables are on the yacht.  The valkyries waiting on the island are ocean-themed with aqua and smooth crytalline gear, brilliant and parrot feathers in their headdresses.


Coco Plum Caye
Coco Plum Caye  2.75M

"Coco Plum Island is the ideal place to experience both Belize's beautiful, pristine sea life and its' unspoiled jungles, caves, Mayan ruins and rivers. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, as well as those who simply yearn to kick off their shoes and relax in a hammock; gently swaying on the Caribbean breeze."

Yes, that's right, this island has Mayan ruins and caves.

Guana Island

I think our end result should look like Guana Island in the British Virgin Islands.  This one is not for sale, but would be wonderful in four years when we are ready.

Queensland Island

Note that the island didn't have a name I just named it that.  Also... 57 acres.

Emerald Cay
This is Emerald Cay- small but impressive

Willow and Anni visiting the island, Ages 16 and 15.

McKenna, visitng the island age 26.

Emerald Cay



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