Playing Hookey

So, I made arrangements to be out of the office for about five hours today. That's my version of a day off. Anyway, my wife and I ran off to see Iron Man.
It was awesome, as you've no doubt heard, so I won't go into it. Great movie. Very well-constructed and believable.
Now, here's the strange part. My wife is coming up with these crazy names for the new baby (which is usually my domain): Hannah (OK not strange), Phoenix or Pepper (yes, named after the character from Iron Man). So, what do you think? Which one do you like?
Again, thanks to all for your support, and for being part of Blue Table Painting.
PS- I managed to get back to the studio in the afternoon. I'll have updates and the usual tomorrow. There are a ton of things cooking. Like a ten course meal.


Naelok said...

Call it Phoenix! That's a really cool name. Oh and big congrats on the new baby!

Matt said...

Pepper is a pretty fantastic name.

bluetablepainting said...

Pepper Elizabeth Gately, is what my wife came up with.

Matt said...

Thats not bad at all. If you are going with a non-mainstream first name always give a very solid middle name to fall back on.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your latest edition. My wife is also expecting. With two boys (Dante and Luca) now we are hoping for a girl. How about Lola? (Never mind the show girl song)


shel said...

congrats you two! to think we remember back in the day when Shawn called babies "screaming pink raisins" :) hee hee. this was before we all knew how great it was to have children in our lives. good luck on the name game! how about turning pepper into piper?
just a thought :) we need to get together soon!


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