Tuesday May 20 2008 Sweet Spot

Picture: an Eldar Revenant Titan by Forge World. See the other pictures here. PS- the oddball models in there are incidental to the project (same client).

First off, the BTP website it loading slowly or not at all because of work being done on the server. I'm not happy about it, but it should clear up soon.

Second off, if you're not following the youtube stuff, you are really missing out.

I woke up at about 7:15 this morning. I let the kids sleep in. I mowed the front and back yards. My wife was out there watching me, admiring my manliness as I pushed around our old WW1 Tank of a lawn mower. Or maybe just in astonishment that I was actually doing any sort of yard work.

Then Jonah came out and we fed the rabbits. I decided to let them out of their cage and to run around. That was fun until they figured out that they are faster than me. I did manage to catch one, but it clawed at me with its filth-encrusted talons (drawing blood) and I dropped the fiendish rodent. I had to get to the studio by 10am so I just left the rabbits running around. "We'll see how fast they are when the neighborhood cats show up." I thought. My wife and daughter managed to run them down later in the afternoon (one ended up in the garage and the other in a neighbor's yard).

Rest assured that everything is proceeding apace. I haven't had time to really give a rundown of the schedule lately.

I put up numerous new videos today.

I have a single, sweet opening on the staff, full time. It will be roughly thirds: assembly, painting, and being my right-hand-man. If you're the right person for the job I can get you out here right away, setting you up with housing and other details. Here's what I'm looking for:

  • Work ethic
  • Teachability
  • Skill (usually, if you've assembled and painted three armies that's usually enough to start with)
  • Cheerful attitude

If you're interested, please email me at bluetablepainting@gmail.com with the subject line "Artist Needed- Your Name" and I'll get things started with you.

We got in a bunch of resin McFarlane dragons which will be set aside in order to cull their wings. I also got in a huge undead dragon which I am hoping someone will turn into a centerpiece for their Vampire Counts army.

I got home late, like 9pm, and I still had to leave some stuff undone. I really don't like falling behind at all. But right now it's only about a day for my own personal work. We are booked out about a week more than usual, BUT the pace of project completion is nice and stiff. I'll get up early tomorrow and hit it!

I was greeted with the smell of Thai food. My wife has learned how to cook a few dishes, and well. There was a huge pan of pad thai, an enormous crock of tonkagai soup, and pot stickers. It was beyond belief. I went downstairs (in Utah most housed have finished basements, like a second house) with the steaming lime-spritzed plate, along with a huge glass raspberry-vanilla italian soda, to find my wife on the couch, my youngest son cradled sleeping in her arms. Then the other two kids came in and sat with me, bringing in pillows and blankets.

Now that's paradise.

There's a formula for it. Just like a recipe.

PS- I highly recommend the arrangement of having a stay-at-home mom. It's the ideal situation. I would say it's worth curtailing expenses and living humbly to get it. I have a saying "It's the man who makes the living, but the woman who makes life *worth* living". For a time, I thought that it was Tamie who was the sort of assistant while I went out and did the important work; you know "get my shirts ironed for work." BUT the deep truth is that what I do outside the home makes possible the REAL work that goes on inside the home. We truly are partners in the great work of raising a family.



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