Monday May 19 2008 Dynamo

Today, the studio was a flurry of activity. It's too much to write. I mean it was insane. But rest assured, all projects are accounted for and underway.

I have a few treats for you tomorrow, namely a few Forge World pieces, including an Eldar Titan. We were going to give up on the magnetization, but Renn and I stayed late and made it happen. It looks really nice.

Ok, the other one is a Tau Barracuda, but you knew that.

Right now it's 11pm and my wife and I are watching Cloverfield. Take your motion-sickness pills. But so far a good flick.

Oh, and I got a new book in the mail, "Leave Us Alone" by Grover Norquist. I'll give a review of that in a while. All I have to say that if it doesn't mention the maintenance of a massive foreign empire by the rampant printing of new money (debasement of currency), I won't be able to put much stock in it.



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