Tuesday May 6 2008 Big Day

Here's an oldy but goody: a bizarro Tzeentch Fantasy army using the old daemonic legion list. I'm sad they did away with the Nurgle Chariots.

Today was a regular Tuesday; huge, but with less comings and goings than normal.

I'm looking at those Daemon armies on the wall and pretty much I'm likely to paint them up like mad. I just can't get enough of the new daemon lists. My mind is boiling with ideas for the Studio 40K Slaanesh army. Don't worry, I'm still plugging away on my Tau. I should have the rest done in the next 14 days, about 2300 pts all told. In fact, I've challenged Renn to a game this weekend, hopefully I'll have time.

The following projects are due to go under the brush this week:
High Elves 01 CM (two weeks)
Dwarfs 01 JC gyrocopter (priority)
Angry Goats 01 (should be done in 5-7 more days)
Imperial Guard 01 TP +conv
Orks 01 BW warboss on bike
Orks 01 CK warboss on bike
Tau 01 SL (two weeks)
Chaos 03 KO +assembly
Vampire Counts 01 LG
Vampire Counts 01 LE (delayed)
Inquisition 01 PC (models delayed- 5-10 days to completion)
Terminus 01 RP
Black Templars 03 AS +assembly
Podhammer Model
White Scars 01 TS
Ogres 01 SL (two weeks, delayed from last week)
Tyranids 01 JB (finally!)
Rust Nids 01 MG
Autumn Bases 01 RJ (priority)
War Machine 07 JL +assembly
War Machine 03 CS Menoth

I was a pretty big fan of Full Metal Alchemist and I'm watching the movie tonight. Sweet.

Want to commission an army?

I need three things:

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Anonymous said...

Yay!! very happy to see my project up there and cant wait to see the finished article, only one question what does the 01 after it mean?


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