Saturday May 10 2008 The Zoo

Since there's no game-related material today, I'll just give the short version.
I decided to take a very, very rare day off today. I hung out with the kids all morning, watching TV and eating Captain Crunch. Then we headed out to the Hogle Zoo, which was insanely crowded. It reminded me of California. Except that the air was crisp and clear as a Utah spring!
Not losing the kids in a giant crowd for four hours was a veritable miracle.

To someone who worries about having children: don't worry. Nothing can really prepare you for it. Kids are more resilient than you think, and you'll be a better parent than you think. You really do live again through your children. They're experiencing everything for the first time.

I've found that I am a better parent as time goes on. Man, I used to dislike kids, especially babies. That all changed after my first daughter was born. It was hard for a few years, but my heart really softened over time. Now, I can't get enough of my kids. They've really added another dimension to my life. I don't consider them an inconvenience or sacrifice at all.

My kids are so kind and gentle and obedient and beautiful and intelligent. Every day is a triple delight with them. And that a fourth is on the way just puts me over the moon. When Tamie was pregnant with McKenna our Bishop told us that there are blessings that come with the children. I've found that to be true: the Heavens open and strength, prosperity, and an enlarged soul flow to the new parent.

In one possible branch of future reality, you young people of ten or fourteen, will become professionals and die-hard miniatures gamers and will be ordering your projects from one of my sons!

I ate terribly today. Pretty much just ice cream. I like orange cream bars.

On the way home we went by Ikea, which I resisted at first, but I was duly impressed. It was pretty cool.

Once back at home, I actually managed to get through The Golden Compass. Griffin came in near the end and fell asleep in my arms (I didn't let him watch any of it!). I wasn't impressed with the movie, though I admit some of the ideas and effects were cool. I don't see the hubbub about the (ir)religious asptect. It never hurts to hear some new ideas!

Then I headed out with Jonah to return the movies.

What's on my mind? My heart is wrenched to read about the stuff going on in Burma. It just makes me realize how good we have it. I remember getting home from Chile and really appreciating a well-stocked grocery store. And not having fleas. I could go on about that.



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