Thursday May 1 2008 I Want One

Picture: a new Forge World Reaver Titan (this was NOT painted by BTP). I just love the look and feel of this model. I thought it was smaller than a Warhound, but evidently it is a lot larger. At $1100 it is really quite a large purchase. Well, a guy can dream!

See more pics here.

I am still running the Rummage Sale!

I was up at 3am this morning, wide awake, so I put on a few episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise, ate some blueberry yogurt, and cleared ye ole Inbox.

I went back to sleep at around 5am, soundly. I had another "studio" dream, where I see BTP in a better place. In this one I was in my own studio/home out in the Oregon deep forest, but the older me was asleep in the other room. I was looking at my own accomplishments in the form of living paintings. Then I got in my van and drove back down the long road back to town.

The boys were fritzing around with their nerf guns this morning.

I have an assistant now. Today was his first day. He's Johnny on the Spot. It's pretty awesome. It really lightens the load. Don't get emotionally attached, though, I don't know if it's going to work out. For all I know he'll implode in a week. Like I always say, "you can't hold in crazy for more than 30 days."

Speaking of which, as a matter of trivia, my wife and I dated for 19 days before getting engaged. I wouldn't recommend that for everyone, but it worked out for us. I remember sitting on the concrete stairs of her apartment complex (we couldn't be inside alone together for the sake of propriety) and looking at her; in my mind's eye it was as if a pillar of light came down to rest on her, that if I willed this would be a life match for me.

For those that are courting, I recommend putting the physical relationship on hold while considering the weighty matters of marriage. If need be, have a chaperone at all times, and only be in public. That's the only way we managed to keep our hands off each other!

No other news really. There is ONE project (KODT) waiting in the digital photography booth. I'm expecting in a few more projects tomorrow.

Right now I am booking projects for painting the very last week of May, and for Assembly the two weeks just before that. If anyone is interested.

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RanAngel said...

The only dream of mine I can remember recently involved trying to use a catapult made of spoons to fire a shoe at Hitler during a board meeting.

...Just felt like sharing that.

You're doing good, Shawn.


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