Just Can't Kill the Beast

So, that Warp Lightning Cannon finally got painted up. See more pics here. This is for sale at $225. Contact me at bluetablepainting@gmail.com for details. The warplock engineer is included.

My day started bright and early at 4am. I started in on the various correspondence. I can't seem to get the Inbox completely emptied, so apologies to the few people still waiting on a response from me, just hold tight, I'll get to you. I know that sounds bad, but I maintain that the customer service at BTP is still pretty high.

Note about Thursday: I'll be out of the studio most of the day, just in during the morning hours.

Also, I got my Magic cards back. It was a joyous moment. About six weeks ago I gave them to my wife to hide from me since my productivity was declining, setting a certain goal for their release. But I don't think I'm going to keep them for long. I've decided to focus on miniatures battles. Like many gamers I can really only concentrate on one hobby at a time.

So many games, so little time.

Anyway, on to the events of Wednesday. I got into the studio around 9am and started getting things warmed up and organized. We got in an unusual number of packages including some trade-in materials (among which: a Baneblade and a half-dozen Ork Bikers). There was also an unusually high number of packages to be packed up. A few were delayed until Friday.

We went out to lunch at Subway. There are plans to do a skit on Friday. We'll see if that materializes. I'm also going to play a game of 40K against Renn on Friday. Against his Bone Knights Space Marines Chapter. 1500 pts I'm pretty sure.

Then on Saturday it's more Space Marine action as I tackle the Ultramarines at 1700 pts. I'm pretty stoked about both games. We'll see how the Oceanic Eldar fare.

I left work a little early at 5:30pm and headed to a recital for the kids at school. Tamie has been faithful at keeping them in music lessons and it's paying off. We have a rule to not overprogram our kids. We both grew up very unstructured and like to be sure the kids don't have a lot of rig-marole forced on them. But they have picked music as an interest and we support that.

Jonah had his cast taken off today. It was pretty foul. (I made time for that, too). His ankle is still not healed up, though (fracture) so they gave him this boot-splint thing. We are monitoring closely.

On a personal note: I'm making a concerted effort to help more around the house. When I come home I dedicate some time to being useful, unbidden, just pitching in for this or that. Then later I get the kids ready for bed early, scriptures/prayers, and off they go to their rooms. However, since it is a half hour or so before they actually have to go to sleep I play it pretty fast and loose with them still being awake. It gives them time to unwind. At some point thereabouts I tell my wife (yes "tell") to go upstairs and forget about home-making duties and get some time to herself for about an hour. This allows her to transition out of her duty-filled day. After that we watch a movie on her laptop in bed, or just sit and talk, or read together, or play a rousing game of checkers. It takes some preparation, but setting aside that time to unwind and harmonize is really worth it. We'll see how long that lasts. Even though I initiated the idea, it was a mighty horse-pill, mentally, to swallow.

The other night, a show called "Neat" comes on the DIY network (or whatever). It's a show about how to organize rooms. My daughter perks up and turns up the volume. She says, Dad this show will help me keep my room even cleaner! I couldn't be more proud. You see, my daughter is sort of the neat-nick of the family which is great because the rest of us are pretty cluttered. It's good to see my kids improving on what they started with. Which reminds me, I was musing with Sarah about how my car can be so messy but the studio so organized.



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